Sunday, April 15, 2007

Really scary, therefore i send it to you!!!!

>> Anyone believe in ghosts?
>> This photo was taken in a hospital after the patient was in an
>> accident where he was responsible for a young woman's death. It
>> is said that when you receive this image and do not send it to
>> at
>> least five people, the woman will look for you during the night
>> to collect your soul. People in Laredo , Texas , received this
>> image and did not send it and were killed outside a bar; it
>> looked as if this woman killed them. A couple in a western
>> suburbs area of Sydney received the message and deleted the
>> picture without sending it to at least five people, This couple
>> was murdered by their 15 year old neighbor who claims to
>> have
>> been possessed by the woman.
>> A 28 year old woman in Whittlesay Road, Cambridgeshire, England
>> was run down by a car driven by a another female that fitted the
>> description of
>> the
>> woman in the photograph, the police investigation revealed that
>> the murdered lady had received this picture only 4 hour before
>> her untimely death and did not pass it on to at least 5 people.
>> Send it to five people or the woman will look for you.

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