Sunday, January 24, 2010

Track down agents to locate missing Indian nationals

Track down agents to locate missing Indian nationals Recently, when government announced that approximately 40,000 Indian nationals went missing once their visas-on-arrival expired, it has sparked concerns from various parties including the non-governmental organizations Tenaganita and Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

Tenaganita director Dr Irene Fernandez commented that instead of focusing solely on these missing citizens, perhaps government should also track down the agents who are responsible in bringing them into the country. This is largely due to the fact that some of these Indian nationals were given inaccurate information by the agents when they first enter the country.

It is commonly known that certain illegal workers in the country are conned by the agents as they were often convinced to pay large sum of money since the conman usually sweet-talked them into believing that there are high salary jobs available in the country.

Once they arrived in the country, the workers realized that they have been conned. Left with no other option, these foreigners are forced to stay without visa or permit. Dr Irene said government must act wisely by tracking down the agents to find the missing Indian nationals. Most of the time, Indian nationals ended up working at restaurants or in plantation industry.

She pointed out that government must get to the core of the problem to solve it once and for all. Besides Dr Irene, MEF executive director Samsudin Baradan also pointed out that harsh punishments are needed to curb human trafficking problem in the country.

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