Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mommy . . . What is Courting?

One day little Johnny came home from school and asked hismom about curting. Flustered, she replied, "Tonight go watchyour sister when she comes home with her boyfriend. That's courting.
" The next day, Johnny tells his mother what happened. "Well,Sis and her boyfriend came home last night and sat on thecouch. They started kissing and stuff and I think sis wasgetting sick because she kept making faces. Her boyfriendmust have thought so to, because he started feeling for herheartbeat like the doc. He wasn't as good as the Dr. though,he missed an awful lot. That's when the fever started. Iknow it was a fever because sis said she was really hot. Then her boyfriend ripped off her blouse and bra, and I sawwhy he couldn't get to her heart, there were these big bumpson her chest! He then ripps off her skirt and undies and shehas grown a lot of hair there, she should clean it moreoften. I guess her boyfriend thought so to because hestarted sucking there, licking and using his fingers. Thensis yelled out to God and unzipped her boyfriend's pants. This big snake jumped out and sis started to try and biteit's head off. She stopped trying an then it squirted allover the couch. Then sis took off his pants and sat on thesnake, I think they were trying to squish it. Sis started tobounce up and down on it. She said it was nearly as big asDaddy's! Suddenly, she stopped and said she wasn't onanything, but her boyfriend said it was too late. They hadboth cum. So, did I explain it right?"
His mom fainted.

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